Promoting Literacy Through Mentoring

The Little Omega Libraries Mentoring Program works with community partners that service youth and families. The program promotes critical thinking in four stages:


CLEO CLICKS provides a series of video modules that encourage group discussion and focus on critical thinking. The community partner reviews the modules with youth in small group settings on a weekly basis. Fraternity members review the modules during book discussions. The modules are available at


Members of the Chapter donate books that they studied as college students, sharing the legacy of information and experiences.  A customized Omega Bookcase is built and provided by Brother Lamar Thompson. The books are stored in the case and available to anyone in the partnering facility.


A small group of young men receive individual copies of books that are read and discussed in monthly virtual sessions.

  • Makes Me Wanna Holler - Nathan McCall, currently a Washington Post Newspaper reporter, highlights his life growing up and how he successfully overcame trials and tribulations from age 10 - 24.
  • Letters To A Young Brother - Hill Harper hosts a series of conversations with young men focused on their fears, anxieties and dreams. Harper is also an award-winning actor, Harvard graduate and community activist.


Local authors discuss their books with youth on a quarterly basis.

  • Welcome to Work teaches teenagers how to get and keep a job.  Brother Matt Stevens is the author and Chairman of the Eta Pi Chapter and Corridor 4 (State of NJ) Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring Committee (FIMC).
  • Making Bold Moves is the fascinating life story of Brother Bill Parrish, CEO of Noble Strategies, a Newark NJ based Construction Management Company. Bill’s company built the World Trade Center Building #7, a number of schools and other buildings throughout the world.
  • Black Faces in White Places provides 10 game changing strategies to achieve success and find greatness. Jeffery Robinson is the co-author, Rutgers Professor, world renowned business consultant and his son participates in the Eta Pi Mentoring Program.


Educators that specialize in urban youth development participate in motivational sessions with counselors. 

David C. Miller is the author of the life sills curriculum Dare to be King: What if the Prince Lives. His conversation with counselors focuses on tips and strategies counselors can use to teach life skills.

For More Information or to donate books contact Matt Stevens at 973-820-8999 or